4-DIGIT LOTTO RESULTS – Official PCSO 4-Digit Lotto Results

Are you excited to win the 4-Digit lotto game? today, April 27 2018, the 4-digit lotto game will be played tonight at 9:00pm.

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What is 4-Digit Lottery Game in the Philippines?

4-Digit Lotto Game is held with a four-chambered Mega Gem, each drawing a digit from 0 to 9. To win, one must have at least the last two digits of the winning combination. The odds of winning are 1 in 10,000. It is held on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

4-DIGIT RESULTS April 27 2018

9pm  :  5–5–6–7

In exact order


  • Apr. 25 – 3-7-6-6
  • Apr. 23 – 0-3-3-9
  • Apr. 20 – 7-5-3-6
  • Apr. 18 – 4-3-5-4
  • Apr. 16 – 9-6-1-5
  • Apr. 13 – 2-8-2-2
  • Apr. 11 – 1-2-7-4
  • Apr. 09 – 2-5-6-8
  • Apr. 06 – 2-7-3-5
  • Apr. 04 – 1-2-5-7
  • Apr. 02 – 1-4-0-5


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How to Play 4 Digit Game

  • Mark one (1) number from 0 to 9 on each of the 4 columns on the 4 Digit play slip or tell your 4-Digit number combination to the Lotto operator. You can also use the Lucky Pick (LP), if you don’t have any 4-number combination in mind.
  • Mark the desired play amount on the AMT column. You may also mark several amounts on the AMT panel, i.e. if you want to play Php130.00, you may mark Php100.00 and Php30.00 in the AMT column.
  • Give the play slip to the Lotto operator for validation.
  • Pay the ticket cost. The cost may vary based on the play amount marked. Minimum play amount is Php10.00 per 4-number combination.
  • Get your ticket. Your ticket is the official 4 Digit receipt not play slip.

Remember: take proper care of your ticket. No-Ticket-No-Prize.

  • Only one (1) set of four 4 Digit number combination will be drawn. But when you get the 4-number combination drawn in exact order, you will win the first prize which has a minimum guaranteed amount (MGA) of Php10,000.00 per Php10.00 play.
  • If you match the last 3 digits of the numbers drawn in exact order, you win Php800.00.
  • If you match the last 2 digits of the numbers drawn in exact order, you win Php100.00.