The Swertres Hearing May 11 2019 are posted below, It has 3 sets of shuffled numbers and those numbers are the possible winning numbers in suertres lotto draw today. We advised you to bet our lucky numbers with Red Markings shown below. These numbers were recalculated based on the winning numbers in the previous swertres draw.

Swertres Hearing Today

1–5–5 x  2–8–1 x  8–0–1

5–6–9 x  6–9–4 x  1–6–9

5–0–2 7–4–3 x  7–2–3

The Pasakay guides will help you to combine your winning lucky numbers and replaced it to the X mark. The numbers below are our own combination which we already picked by our own choice and it is based also to the previous swertres hearing numbers.

Pasakay Guides

Upper    X–8–9 =  589

Middle   6–X–2 =   632

Lower    7–8--X =   780

Pairing numbers are combinations of winning numbers that drawn last month that have a high possibility to shown in swertres result today. Just add you’re lucky to pick numbers from 0-9 by your own shuffled lucky numbers.

Pairing Numbers

( 06,  11,  14,  21,  25,  29,  42,  49,  55, 60, 72, 92 )

Swertres Hearing Result>>>> Click Here

DISCLAIMER: We will not guarantee you to win in swertres hearing draw. However, we assure you that 80%-90% of our lucky numbers will appear in suertres and swer3 lotto game today. This swertres hearing maintaining numbers are totally FREE and we do not accept any payments, load or any money involved.


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